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Our services - the nuts and bolts of what we do for you

Property management is people management. This is what it’s about – getting the match right between property owner, property and tenant and once we have this, facilitating a smooth and trouble-free tenancy. Contact us on the Hibiscus Coast for more information about our property management services.

Rent appraisals 

 (free to our current and new property owners)
We visit the property and check it thoroughly, inside and out. We check our data-base for comparable properties available for rent, and come up with a conservative rent figure which we believe will be consistently achievable in the current market conditions.

Marketing and advertising your property

We take free high quality images of your property, emphasizing its best advantages and accompanying this with a fair and accurate description, we then advertise your investment property on the internet, using national and international platforms to promote your property to the widest audience.

Conducting viewings

We qualify potential viewers verbally before showing them through your investment property, which allows us to decide if they meet the occupant criteria for your particular property. If this is established, we invite them to come along to a viewing with one of our staff. This personal meeting is important as it enables us to observe them and assess their suitability as your tenant. We never allow a potential tenant to go through a property without us and we always insist on a viewing before an application is accepted.
Hibiscus Coast couple happy with their proeprty management

Tenant screening and selection

Potential applicants are asked for Photo I.D. and offered a form in which they are required to give details of their employment, previous rental history, pets, smoking and other essential information, which helps us to assess their suitability as a tenant... and yes, we do check references.

Tenancy agreement

We prepare legal tenancy and bond documentation and generally transmit these electronically to the signing parties, with instructions on how the signing process and payments will proceed.

Pre-tenancy inspection

We complete a visual and written inspection on the condition of the property prior to the new tenants moving in, which is accompanied by evidential photographs. We list all chattels in situ at that time. We then go over these details with the tenants and require them to sign in acknowledgment of its accuracy.  

Bond collection & lodgment

We collect the maximum bond allowed under the current legislation (4 weeks) and lodge this with the Bond Centre within the mandatory time frame, using the required forms.

Rent collection & monitoring 

(Most important, for both Landlord and Tenant) We are directly linked to our bank and this enables us to upload all payments received (rent and other) from our bank, directly into our Property Management software. This ensures that we can take swift and immediate action on any arrears highlighted at that time. We have a zero tolerance to rent arrears, as we realize that this is often a crucial matter for many owners. Our process is to TXT, phone or email tenants, giving them 24 hours to remedy the situation. Failure to contact us within that time frame, results in formal action being taken. We find that by quickly responding and our procedure for follow up, arrears are minimal and can generally be sorted quickly and amicably, so that our owners get paid and our tenants don’t have to carry the burden of arrears. 

Property inspections

These are conducted on a regular cycle, approximately every 13 weeks and YES we do actually visit the property and check inside and out.

Property maintenance

In our 15 years in the industry, we’ve built up strong, trustworthy relationships with our maintenance people. Our essential contractors for regulated work are all tradespeople with many years of experience. They know their stuff. We don’t use “handymen” to install ovens or repair dishwashers, because we don’t want your property to suffer damage or our tenants to be unsafe, and we don’t want to invalidate your insurance cover. Of course, property owners are free to nominate their own maintenance people, and we are happy to work in with them. Subject to any urgent maintenance, our owners always have the right to instruct us in regard to what action they would like us to take.

Reporting and accounting

Our minimum contact with you will be monthly, when we send you your monthly Income and Expenditure report. You will also receive a report following each property inspection, and our two-monthly newsletter.

Owner advice

We want our clients to make sound, worthwhile decisions when purchasing a property to add to their investment portfolio. We offer the benefit of our many years of experience of what will, and what won’t work, in terms of renting your potential investment property out and achieving the best possible rent. We are always available to advise our owners on their concerns and obligations under the legislation affecting residential tenancies in NZ.

Tenant advice

 It’s easy for tenants to become confused and bewildered by the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act, and their obligations under the law, especially if the tenant is a new immigrant to NZ.

We provide our tenants with friendly, factual advice on their responsibilities in relation to their tenancy agreement.
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